Itamar News Updates Aug 30th 2013

After a beautiful summer vacation we welcome all our students back to school and wish them a very fruitful and happy school year. Itamar is blessed with educational institutions. Our educational centerחוזרים לבית הספר 2 is very diversified serving the needs of young children, teenagers, and post high school. IMG_6909There are over 800 studentsIMG_6906 learning many of them dorming on Itamar! One can spend an entire day just visiting our different schools.

One of the most important factors influencing the growth of a community are job opportunities. Itamar is blessed not only by its educational center but by agriculture and small industry as well. Shimon Barda IMG_6913one of Itamar’s first pioneers has developed a perfume factory over the years and is now exporting his unique products. Aaron Gihanאהרון גיהן 1 one of Itamar’s devoted farmers, a former resident of Gush Katif who was expelled from his home with 8000 other residents of Gaza, is working very hard in trying to make a living from the ground. He is really trying to develop his farm and has recently hired two other workers full time from Itamar.  As these incentives materialize into serious businesses more and more families can benefit from new job opportunities. Itamar welcomes anyone interested in setting up industry or providing other kinds of occupational incentives on the community.

The Itamar Yeshiva high school ,Chitzim, culminated the first week of studies with a very special performerמופע בחיצים 4 from a nearby community who led the students with moving songs and stories relating to the holiday season coming up. The songs and stories were all centered on this very special holiday season- the time of coming closer to Hashem.

Watch Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith’s message for this week’s Torah portion and the New Year.

Please read and pass around to your friends our mission statement. It is vital that we expand our support group.

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