Itamar News Updates Aug 16th 2013

Yesterday a memorial service was held at the Itamar cemetery for our dear friend Meir Lixenberg who was killed by terrorists back in on the 9th of Elul 5761/ August 27th 2001. Meir’s father ,Pesach gave a very emotional speech and described the tremendous pain of Meir’s loss despite the 12 years that have elapsed.. Despite the terrible sorrow, Mr. Pesach Lixenberg spoke with such faith and thanks to Hashem for the blessing that He has bestowed on the family. He also expressed his gratitude to all those who have been standing at their side throughout the years. meir memorial Meir’s surviving wife, Kamah, was remarried and her new husband spoke at the memorial service as well. In his extremely emotional address, he described how he is indebted to Meir for his spiritual influence in bringing Kamah and him together. He spoke about how he is raising Meir’s five children like his own and loves them like his own. He explained how he is making sure that Meir is remembered in the house in every way possible. When you experience at first hand the sorrow families of terrorist victims are going through – it is hard to fathom the immoral and irresponsible act on part of the Israeli government in letting out terrorists from prison.

Itamar’s Yeshivah high school Chitzim has begun the building of its permanent campus this week with the first stage of ground leveling.  This is a huge project that will take a lot of financing and hard work to see it to completion.  Friends of Itamar is personally adopting this project and will try its best to assist in raising funds to achieve this important goal.  Our Yeshivah high school educates young adults to love the land, Torah, and the people of Israel.  There are more than 250 boys studying in our high school that come from all over Israel. The school specializes in helping students with special learning needs. The tremendous success of our high school can be seen through its graduates that serve in the IDF in Elite units and have taken instrumental roles in helping to continue to build the land of Israel.

–          Question on this week’s portion- Which 2 mitzvoth are associated with the picture?mother bird

Enjoy the sabra fruit! picking the sabrasWe are picking them now!

A person should be like a tree, with his roots firmly planted in the ground so that no wind of change can sway him!

Watch Rabbi Goldsmith new torah lesson for the week.the roots of tree

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