Itamar News November 29th 2013


Chanukah, the celebration of light, a holiday that warms the heart and creates a festive and bright family ambience is ideal for focusing on the family.1459281_661007157253642_392771820_n[1]


It’s worked out fantastic for our American friends with Thanksgiving Day weekend and the gatherings going there -visiting family!


Here in Israel on Itamar, the heart of the Shomron, we opened the month with preparations for the building of a new and permanent educational center campus for our high school, Chitzim, which dorms hundreds of boys from all over Israel!


Last night, the first night of Chanukah, in the honored presence of the Fogel grandparents and important government officials, we set the foundation stone for this project to go off the ground- a true testimony of lightness overcoming darkness.IMG_7898IMG_7938


Between the yeshiva Gevoha and our high school we have over 500 boys living on Itamar now in addition to 270 families. We are also building new homes in order to absorb new families!


It goes without saying that this has been a tremendous chizuk for all of us on Itamar.


Itamar is decorated with menorahs shining in front of every house, the mitzvah of lighting placed upon every household “Ner Ish U’beyto”. This is the theme of the home as one unit and doing the mitzvah as one unit.


We invite you, dear friends of Itamar to unite with your families as well keeping in mind that you too are part of the family of Itamar.


Please come and see the progress going on here “at home” in the last year!


Together, we merit giving chizuk at this time of light, and are praying that it should shine into the year ahead for you – Chanukah Sameyach!


Enjoy a Sufganiot Recipe for Chanukah!



Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s new Torah lesson for the week. This Torah is dedicated in the blessed memory of a special friend of Itamar Henya Bat Chanah Pere.




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