All donations are tax deductible.

Donations should be made out to: Friends of Itamar and sent to:

Friends of Itamar Attn. Goldsmith 1483 East 34th Street Brooklyn NY 11234 or sent via Pay Pal click here to be our partner

Your kind support can really make a difference in building the land of Israel  !

3 thoughts on “Donations

  1. Hello! I tried to make a one time donation through paypal, but it wouldn’t let me use my bank account and said I had to use a credit card, which I do not have. I use paypal a lot, so I’m wondering why this is set up so I cannot use my bank account as I always do for paypal transactions? Thanks

    1. Shalom Lisa first of all thank you very much for wanting to help us! I don’t understand why there was a problem.Do you have a paypal account set up? If it is easier you can mail a check Payable to Friends of Itamar and mail it to to Friends of Itamar Attn. Goldsmith
      1483 East 34th Street Brooklyn NY 11234
      Thank you again! Moshe

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