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Sep 04 2015

Special New Year Appeal Letter תשעו

Friends of Itamar, as the famous passuk(verse) says “Dvarim sheyotzeem mehalev nichnasim lalev!” Things that leave from the heart, enter the heart. Chazal are referring to the tekiyot(sounds) of the shofar which come from the deepest part of the heart and have the power to bring people together. Our friendship has been an impacting one …

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Jul 17 2015

Special Appeal!

  This letter is about a unique and profound relationship that has existed for thousands of years. It’s about the Land of Israel and the Jewish people. Israel was and is today a religious, political and economic entity, a home to those who live there. The Land of course has a deeper, spiritual meaning for …

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Dec 18 2013

Emergency appeal

Dearest Friends as a result of the monster snow storm our community Itamar has incurred severe damages.  Farms, hot houses, tree plantations and livestock were destroyed. The Itamar perfume factory collapsed and classrooms were badly damaged. Anyone interested in helping please send donations to Friends of Itamar and earmark it “snow damage” – you will …

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Apr 12 2013

New Itamar Pipeline

Mar 15 2013

Itamar Synagogue Project in Motion

Mar 12 2013

Special Pesach Message\ Friends of Itamar

[important][/important] A letter to all our dear friends of Itamar – the meaning of The Seder – or order -on Pesach and how it applies to the turmoil in the world and of 2013 The entire process of exile and redemption is ordered and planned by G-d. If one knows this, it can bring about …

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Dec 29 2012

Itamar News Updates Dec 28th 2012

As the fiscal year is about to end, we want to thank you – our dear friends of Itamar that have been standing behind us in time of need.  In your merit we are able to continue building the land of Israel by strengthening the community of Itamar. One of our major projects is educational …

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Jun 02 2012

Itamar summer camp 2012

As the summer approaches the time has come to start promoting the Itamar summer camp and summer program. Anyone that can help us by sponsoring a child would be doing a great service to our community. To sponsor a child send in a donation to Friends of Itamar for 125 dollars and air mark the …

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Feb 08 2012

Tu’bshvat on Itamar 2012 planting trees