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Jul 03 2015

Parshat Balak A World Without Boundaries

Jun 19 2015

Parshat Korach – Replacement Theology

Jul 25 2014

Parshat Masay – A Tribute to our Soldiers

Jul 18 2014

Parashat Matot – In the end of days

Jul 11 2014

Essay on Parshat Pinchas – Zealous for Zion

In this week’s portion we see the daughters of Tzelafchad requesting an inheritance in the land. It is very interesting that the Torah goes out of its way to state the family genealogy all the way back to Joseph. Why is this necessary? Rashi explains that the Torah purposely wants to show the family connection …

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Jul 11 2014

Parashat Pinchas – Zealous for Zion

Jul 07 2014

Parashat Balak

Jun 27 2014

Parshat Chukat – A Lesson in Blind Faith

Jun 22 2014

Musings on Parashat Korah

This week we have been witness to a tsunami of love and support coming from all branches of Israeli society towards the families of the three kidnapped boys Ayal, Naftali, and Gil-ad. The tremendous pain felt throughout the country is a testimony of true brotherly love. Thousands rallied in prayer and study vigils demonstrating their …

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Jun 20 2014

Parashat Korach – The Power of Unity

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