IMG_1621[1]Dear Friends,

Dedicated to the careful planning, construction and safeguarding of the community of Itamar, located in the very heartland of Israel, Friends of Itamar a registered 501c3 has been impacting facts on the ground and succeeding in many of the challenges we have been facing over the years. Our non -profit organization was established in 2007 which was set up in the wake of brutal murderous attacks which left over twenty of our residents victims of terror, the last being the Fogel massacre in 2011. We focus on not only maintaining security and sustaining a wide range of educational cultural recreational and agricultural projects but we have also been able to push forward in our vision for Tikun Olam in a restored and complete Land of Israel. This has largely been accomplished through your generous donations which have been a life support system to the people that live here and to the projects we maintain. The meaningfulness of the mission that connects us is based on idealism, pioneering spirit, and promotion of this Biblical, historical and strategic asset into a lighthouse for the entire world.IMG_0799[1]

Your charitable kindness has enabled hundreds of children to receive Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and ADD-ADHD therapy and go on to succeed in school and in life. You have helped us build parks, recreational centers, made us safer us by providing technological security systems and methods to make sure we stay safe from the hands of radical jihad. Your benevolence has built our permanent synagogue, Yeshiva Gevoa, and helped our farmers get through Shemittah to plow on being now the forerunner in organic agriculture in the country. Friends of Itamar has recently put in a new sports court for playing ball and a spring and pool for wading and water enjoyment for tourists, campers and for us.

PLOWING FORWARD – some of our major projects that we are working on now!

First and foremost- enhancing our security.

In the coming months we are having our annual Summer Camp for our youth- Friends of Itamar subsidizes each child so that everyone can enjoy and be a happy camper!

We have been blessed to receive 80% of the funding for building and completing our frist Maon- permanent Day Care Center for babies and toddlers from the government. We need 100,000 dollars to finish this project and get them out of the asbestos prefab which is a health hazard.

We are building a permanent campus now for our high school and are happy to say that we only need matching funds to build the dorms, study hall and kitchen- the Ministry of Education is providing the foundation for this project. This school- Chitzim has over three hundred boys from all over Israel learning and living here- when they graduate they will go on to serve in the most elite units of the IDF.

We would like to build a Visitors Center here.

These are some of the projects going on right now- please spread the word- we are happy to honor donors in full dedications! Remember also- a friend brings a friend! Every little bit of help counts! The people of Itamar take comfort in the boost of your lovingkindness and enthusiasm – it is your backing that we say thank you- TODA RABA! For! May Hashem bless you with a wonderful Summer- please come to visit and see how we have grown! Sending over bountiful blessings from the top of the mountain!

With blessings and deep appreciation, Rabbi Moshe and Leah Goldsmith

All donations are tax deductible.

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